February 06 2015 Friday at 04:41 PM

Choices Choices

Our favourite part of the job is fabric selection. Finding that special cloth that will make your little girl shine!

We don't like to work on a design without seeing all our fabric CHOICES first. We think it can limit your imagination if you try and fit a fabric into a design. The fabric has its own voice, it will dictate what you can do with it. 

So when we purchase our fabric, we buy them right here in Australia. Love supporting Australian businesses and will continue to do so for as long as our suppliers stay in business. Its a dying breed. Its hard work keeping up with the O/S manufacture and bringing it to our customers at an affordable price.

 But we love what we do!!

It means that, we do not need to mass produce, it means that we control the quality, it means that we control the design, it means that its all made right here, it means that we do our part to keep Australia going.

So many choices, so many beautiful designs to choose from. I struggle with the decision to narrow down my selections, and often buy a few metres anyway. I figure i can always create that perfect little one off that one of our customers is searching for to have their little girl shine in. A girl is never too early for her first one off....or second...or third.

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